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When it comes to designing and developing mobile apps we're fighting for ease of use, accessibility and clearly presented information in topic that matter. Our apps aren't based on pitch ideas but real life needs.
7C Solutions team consists of professional mobile application developers and designers with accumulated experience of 20 years in mobile application development and proved themselves as mobile experts.

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My Finances

"My finances" application is a perfect tool for those who want to control their expenses. Home budget management will become easier from now. Thanks to carefully selected functions not only will you be able to save more, but also analyze your financial operations more precisely.

An attractive and intuitive interface will help you to add easily new transactions and analyze the existent ones. With a few clicks you can attach the expense or income, check the current balance of employed accounts (defined by you in application). My finances allows you to sum up all costs and gains including category and time period specification. Saving money has never been so nice and comfortable.

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